Poster presentation submission

The symposium, "International Symposium on Near-Wall Flows: Transition and Turbulence", includes the poster session. We call for abstracts for poster presentations. Abstracts should contain the following information.

  • Name and affiliation for each author
  • Title
  • Abstract (within 200 words, only for the acceptance and program organization)
Any format of abstracts is acceptable. Please send the abstract of your poster to:
deadline : 31th May 2016

Non-exhaustive list of possible topics:
  -Turbulence structure
  -Turbulence dynamics
  -Turbulence statistics
  -Flow instability
  -Subcritical transition
  -Flow control
  -Astrophysical and geophysical flows
  -Mathematical fluid dynamics
  -Dynamical systems theory
  -Theoretical approaches
  -Experimental approaches
  -Numerical approaches