RIMS International Project Research 2016
Fluid Dynamics of Near-Wall Turbulence

Recent remarkable developments in computers, numerical scheme, and experimental technology have enhanced rapid progress in theoretical, numerical and experimental research on transition to turbulence in near-wall flows as well as high-Reynolds-number wall turbulence. This project will consist of the following two events which are aimed at providing useful opportunities for exchange of extensive ideas and vigorous discussions among mathematicians, applied mathematicians, physicists and fluid dynamicists, triggering a breakthrough to understanding near-wall turbulence.

Organizing Committee:
Genta Kawahara(Chair, Osaka Univ.), Susumu Goto(Osaka Univ.), Masaharu Matsubara(Shinshu Univ.), Takeshi Matsumoto(Kyoto Univ.), Eiichi Sasaki(Osaka Univ.), Masaki Shimizu(Osaka Univ.), Shin-ichi Takehiro(Kyoto Univ.), Sadayoshi Toh(Kyoto Univ.), Yoshiyuki Tsuji(Nagoya Univ.), Michio Yamada(Kyoto Univ.)

Reception Desk:
Shingo Motoki(Osaka Univ.), Takahiro Kanazawa(Osaka Univ.),
Kentaro Cho(Osaka Univ.), Daiki Watanabe(Osaka Univ.)

1. International Symposium on Near-Wall Flows: Transition and Turbulence

June 20 - 22, 2016
at Masukawa Building for Education and Research, Kyoto University

registration fee : 2,000 YEN

Theoreticians and experimentalists are supposed to participate together in this symposium to discuss subcritical transition to turbulence and high-Reynolds-number turbulence in near-wall flows. Recent progress in theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches to near-wall turbulence will be presented to discuss their outlook for further understanding of transition and developed turbulence. Young researchers are encouraged to attend the symposium.

2. International Workshop on Theoretical Aspects of Near-Wall Turbulence Studies

June 28 - 30, 2016
at Kansai Seminar House , Kyoto

This workshop is concerned with mathematics and fluid dynamics relevant to the theory of transition and turbulence. Mathematicians, applied mathematicians, physicists and fluid dynamicists are supposed to discuss the establishment of novel theory for near-wall turbulence. Particular emphasis is placed on mathematical fluid dynamics, approaches based on dynamical system theory and statistical mechanics, exact coherent structure, mathematics on turbulence scaling, and so on. Longer discussion time will be taken in the workshop.

3. RIMS Camp-Style Seminar: Dynamics of wall-bounded shear flows

August 31 - September 2, 2016
at Kansai Seminar House , Kyoto